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This will be a tough read for you UT.....
By:  Spudknuckles (Mad Tinfoil Hatter; 1763)
Posted on: 09-25-2004 20:09.
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It is written by someone who is there. A real person. Not the cartoon stereotypes you seem to think of.

    Spudknuckles flipped a coin and posted:
    What is sad is that you asign thoughts and words to me that I have never made or had, and then argue with those asignations. Effectiely argueing with yourself.

      UberTroll paid knowledgeworkers to transmit:

      What is sad that now you just slime around in the mud looking for excuses to see this country fail and try and blame everything on President Bush.

      What is sad is that people like yourself actually crack a smile of satisfaction every time a US soldier dies in the line of duty over there.. but you are not man enough to admit that is the way you feel.