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On moderation. . ......
By:  Mr. Spork (Gun Toting Right-wing Goon; 21073)
Posted on: 06-09-2005 00:08.
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How about adding a field to the moderation system. If a post is to be modded, either up or down, require an explanation (ala, Windows 2k3 requring an explanation for a shutdown). Make that explanation public along with the score:

    You're all a bunch of fags! - Mr. Sprok, 6/21/2005 12:16:14 AM (Views: 18, Score -2, "Flamebaiting", "Personal grud. . .")

Firstly, it would help eliminate knee-jerk and accidental modding, and second, it would force the modder to at least articulate his claim for or against a post. Having to put into words what you do or don't like about a post may cause some people to reconsider their reasoning. Might help eliminate threads like this:

    Pancakes are awesome.- Catdog, 7/05/2005 1:08:12 AM (Views: 6, Score -1, "Pancakes suc. . .")

    TOS is teh suxx!- Spongebob, 7/09/2005 11:35:20 PM (Views: 8, Score -2, "No he's not", "You suck mo. . .")

    Why Social Security has to be revamped. . .- Dexter, 7/12/2005 4:29:10 AM (Views: 45, Score -2, "SS rox, u r st. . .", "Flyover countr. . .")

Also, the capability to ammend one's modding would be nice. If, for instance, you mod a post, but after re-reading it, you find that it is relevant to the discussion at hand, or that it was meant in a tongue-in-cheek manner you can remove your downmod, or, if you come to the decision that the post you're looking at violates a rule, etc. you can revoke your upmod, and at that time you can apply the opposite mod if you so desire.

I also think that IHA, in it's current state is a kitchen with too many cooks. Either the forum should have fewer mods, or require a higher threshold to become hidden.


Mr. Spork

Edited by Mr. Spork at 6/9/2005 12:09:00 AM

“Go to hell, Senator, it’s time for you to take your final dirt nap.” - Nooooo, no, you got it all wrong, see. "Dirt nap", in this context, just means laying down for a short sleep without first taking a shower or anything. This is just a suggestion for John McCain to take up a little better personal hygiene and in is no way violent in nature. You people with your jump to conclusions mats!