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The efficacy as a treatment isn't under debate...........
By:  Catfish (The Marxist currently known as Catfish; 47673)
Posted on: 06-09-2005 17:19.
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......the states have legalized marijuana as a medical treatment.

My thought on this decision is, it could have incredibly far reaching effects.

Historically, one of the biggest assertions of power by the government, through the judicial branch, is based on the Commerce Clause.

You'll recall that the Commerce Clause is the basis for rulings invalidating racial discrimination in places of public accomodation.

"The court ruled that Congress's authority to regulate the interstate market in drugs, licit or illicit, extends to small, home-grown quantities of doctor-recommended marijuana..."

So, this is an assertion of Federal authority over States, based on the Commerce Clause. And I find it troubling, beyond the cruelty of the decision, itself.