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lol - "tinyest amount of sound"??.....
By:  beanbag (Orphaned)
Posted on: 06-09-2005 18:38.
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You obviously havn't used on of the water cooler models. The only reason I don't hear mine running now is because of the air conditioner 4 feet away from me. "Quiet" is not the word to descibe it.

    Mr. Spork flipped a coin and posted:
    The cooling system on G5s truly is a work of art. Those chips are HOT, but the heatsinks (yes, large, but extremely well designed and workable) do their job quite well. The fan system in a G5 is something to behold. TONS of fans for the processors, but just enough to keep those puppies from going nuclear with the tiniest amount of sound. Take the side cover off (or let it sit threre on a GSOD) to hear just how loud they can become.

    I'd love to have that cooling system for a PC.

    Mr. Spork

      tenneck had 1,000 monkeys type:
      ...I'd say that thing is as loud as any other PC, maybe louder since the front is basically just mesh.