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Hopefully getting a new car this weekend........
By:  russ (Administrators; 2845)
Posted on: 06-16-2005 04:27.
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To make a long story short I managed to find someone local with the car I wanted: 2001 BMW M3. Its in good condition w/47k miles, includes OEM and aftermarket wheels and exhaust.

The car has every option (Xenon, Premium sound, power moon roof, etc) except GPS navigation.

It also has a new engine with only 18k miles on it. It is one of the small percentage that actually ended up with a blown engine for which BMW issued recalls (oil pump issue and lower rod bearing issue). BMW extended all the engine warranties to 100k miles so no issues there.



Hopefully everything works out this weekend! I'll post pics and details.

Edited by russ at 6/16/2005 4:31:16 AM

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