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Back in the IT game after 2 years rest.......
By:  Progressivebreaks (Grumpy Bear; 17245)
Posted on: 10-16-2018 12:06.
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I came back to London for a few months to check out the freelance contracting scene and earn a bit of extra cash.
Turns out IT jobs (all jobs really) pay much worse in Brazil, and I still haven't mastered the language yet, so...

By a weird twist of fate, the first job I got offered was for the parent company of where I used to work.

Weirder still, they're drafting me back to my old place tomorrow!

Strange, I'll be doing 2nd line stuff (instead of 3rd line / systems like I used to), but getting paid more due to contractor rates..!

Odd times. Back to tropical climates early next year when I've bagged some cash.

Hope you guys are all doing good.