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I think the only ill intention is the out of state company hitting me up for money......
By:  Robert_Wyatt (Gamers; 7607)
Posted on: 12-04-2018 08:16.
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And don't ignore these types of things either. But it also wasn't me driving (I was in Atlanta). It was my wife, and when I showed her the video, it's her about about 50 other cars blowing through a major intersection green light.

55mph through way and the sign was popped in a way where she would have absolutely had to slam on brakes to stop in time anyway.

I'm not really against any of these safety laws, I'm just not on board with private companies enforcing "civil violations" of their choosing and their benefit.


"I should’ve died in my 20s. I became successful in my 40s. I became a dad in my 50s. I feel like I’ve stolen a car — a really nice car — and I keep looking in the rearview mirror for flashing lights."