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My solution to dress shirts was........
By:  Paul (Moderators; 64795)
Posted on: 12-05-2018 09:44.
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1. Costco or a Nordstrom Rack for whatever brand I liked and could get for $20-$25. I've bought Tommy Hilfigers, Ben Shermans, et al for this price. If you know your neck and sleeve length, that's all you really need. I dunno how SML sizing works on dress shirts, I imagine it has to be at least as close as the ill fitting shits I get before I take them to...

2. ...a local master tailor, who measures me and charges $20 a shirt to have them cinched down to my size. Solves a lot of problems, and mitigates the midriff ruffle to a pretty solid degree (or at least makes tucking back in easier).


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