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An all time classic right there. I rode in a blue one just like it at 18........
By:  Paul (Moderators; 64207)
Posted on: 12-05-2018 15:31.
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...it was in the shop of a guy known by a lot of local hot rodders, and my best pal's old man and the owner knew each other pretty well. I was having something done again to my shitbox 77 Civic CVCC, and when I went to pick it up, he asked if I'd like to take a ride. Knew I was a good kid and wouldn't track mud in it and all that.

I was a Ferrari devotee as a kid (Miami Vice, sue me), and though this was no 288 GTO, it was still amazing. It was the older 308 as well, and was just chunky and claustrophobic and super masculine feeling in a way none of my father's British sports cars ever were.

Edited by Paul at 12/5/2018 3:32:24 PM

"None of this troubles the loop. Trump watches and emotes; he excretes and consumes. That a great and greatly conflicted experiment in self-government has come to this—a whole nation trying to talk a shitfaced trust-fund lout into a cab so that he won’t mow down everyone on the sidewalk, and then talking about what a fantastic job he did barfing in the ashtray—is one thing. It’s many things. But none of those things are complicated."