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Thing is basically all developers are full stack developers.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 20647)
Posted on: 01-08-2019 12:48.
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At least ones that aren't trash. If you really understand coding it isn't a problem to work on different parts of an application since, well, it is all the same kind of problem solving. It is all clarifying ideas and translating them in to explicit, unambiguous statements.

That's why I think it is a useless term. That and where I've seen a lot of it is companies that ARE big. It is pretty clear that:

1) They need a developer to work as part of a team doing certain things and...

2) They have no idea what "full stack" means other than they think it'll save them money because the person can do everything.

Same shit as everyone wanting a CISSP for cyber security. They think it means "Expert in all things cybersecurity who can magically make you safe," when really it means "Guy who has a basic idea of all the things that are involved in cybersecurity."