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There's a lot of.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 20608)
Posted on: 01-08-2019 13:38.
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"We are doing it because it is new and cool!!1111" rather than consideration of what does this actually offer, because sometimes it really isn't clear that it does offer anything or at least doesn't offer anything to the particular need you have. There is in all aspects of life but particularly in tech a rush to get on board with the new stuff just because it is new, without thought for what that brings.

A friend of mine saw that when looking for jobs related to programming languages. So many companies, particularly small ones but big ones too, were desperately chasing the latest trend and wanted you to have experience with whatever tools they had heard were now cool. Ruby, Go, node.js, angular, etc. Sometimes the same company would want multiples that overlap, they'd want node, angular, jquery, etc when the chances you'd want to use all those different things on a project, rather than using just one, is minimal. They were just chasing buzzwords hoping that it meant their project would magically be good.

I'm always for new tech, new ways of doing things PROVIDED you can show me the benefit, which I feel like a lot of the new hot cloud shit often can't. An example is could based storage. It gets sold as the answer to everything, yet when I present our use case it is just more expensive and less fast/reliable. More over, there is now a bunch of "hybrid cloud" and "near cloud" shit which translates to things like "cache engine on prem to speed up cloud storage" and "on prem storage that we are pretending isn't."