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Yes and no.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 20647)
Posted on: 01-08-2019 13:51.
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What I mean is that yes, if you move your servers out of your datacenter, you don't need a dude minding after the hardware... but unless you have a pretty big datacenter, that probably isn't all the guy is doing. Seems like a lot of places I've seen who are heavily "in the cloud" including central IT here, haven't gotten rid of any people.

Part of the reason is that the basic stuff, minding after hardware and the OS, is actually a pretty small part of most people's jobs. It is all the other shit that runs on it, the integration, maintenance, security, etc, etc. Like if you moved from running your own Active Directory to using Azure AD ya, you don't need DCs anymore and that is time freed up. The servers don't need to be minded after, nor Windows... but that's not the big part of AD administration. It is stuff in the directory itself like maintaining and organizing objects, writing and updating policies, making scripts to automate necessary tasks, handling account provisioning, etc. Well Azure AD doesn't do any of that, it gives you an AD you can do that in. So you still need whoever you had on those tasks.