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Favorite youtube channels.....
By:  Citizen Z (OMG t3h bannz0red!; 16403)
Posted on: 02-08-2019 21:59.
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Syd got me going, here are a few of my favorite channels; I have many more but these are noteworthy.

Smarter Every Day. This guy's energy and enthusiasm for science and learning is truly infectious.

Cody's Lab - basically a smart guy who does chemistry experiments and also does nerdy stuff with his property out in Utah

First We Feast
Interviewer eats hot wings with minor and major celebrities, ramping up the heat and asking some of the best researched questions in the interviewing business
Peter Brown
Guy does wood working, resin casting, other home shop projects and its really interesting!

Edited by Citizen Z at 2/8/2019 10:00:52 PM

Lol, wut?