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New laptop arrived yesterday and I had to make a warranty claim :(.....
By:  pudds (Canadian; 16719)
Posted on: 03-07-2019 06:54.
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It let me got through the windows configuration, but on first load it froze hard.

When I rebooted and used my fingerprint to log in...it froze again.

Then I rebooted one more time and used my pin, and it froze a few seconds later.

Ran the diagnostics, got all passes, tried to do a windows reset to factory settings...and the restore froze at 1%.

Ran the diagnostics again and got an error that there was no hard drive installed.

My suspicion is that the SSD is not seated correctly. I had just dug out my tiny torx set and was preparing to take a look when Dell support finally answered the phone.

They are able to send someone out for On-Site service on Tuesday, so I'm going to let them fix it instead of doing it myself.

Not a great first impression :\