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That sound like a bug in the mgmt. software. Config profiles are "stackable....".....
By:  P. Briscoe (Non running-dog anti-imperial anti-Bush unapologist name-changer; 22465)
Posted on: 03-09-2019 17:16.
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So you're saying your mgmt software fills delivers payloads for plist domains that you didn't check or uncheck? It just randomly picks a boolean or string (or whatever) value whether or not you want to manage that setting?

Each Config Profile should ignore settings you're not managing. And you should be able to create two profiles that both configure different settings within a plist domain. You might want that--a different CP for a research pod and a different one for a public kiosk cluster.

However, if I mistakenly scope overlapping plist payloads to the same machine with different settings say, for screensaver or loginwindow, then the more restrictive setting always wins.

But that's an Apple rule, not a JAMF rule.

Does that answer the question? I may be missing something....

Edited by P. Briscoe at 3/9/2019 5:24:09 PM

Edited by P. Briscoe at 3/9/2019 5:24:34 PM