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Inspection after the offer which is a contract........
By:  Paul (Moderators; 65573)
Posted on: 03-14-2019 10:38.
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...but there is a huge page on that, how long we have to remediate, etc.

We also had a number of issues that the inspector didn't even find on our home. We've fixed everything I know about, and that's been a fair bit. Wonky wiring, terrible moisture mitigation, and all manner of cut-corners. I feel good about selling the home as it is, and if they find anything in the inspection (non-major of course), I won't consider it too big a deal.

My real floor price for the home was way less than our list price, so it's all really a bonus. I really did try to think of "the next guy" throughout everything we've done on the house.

The lone exception is the wood flooring, which is really subpar material (3/8" natural wood over engineered core). It's incredibly soft and shows scratches from 7-8 years of dogs and people treading on it. I actually had an estimate done to get the thing resurfaced/skimmed somewhat, but the agent advised us off of it.


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