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Writing on paper is +1000.....
By:  Ciaervo (Humour Impaired; 13759)
Posted on: 04-11-2019 08:08.
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I find it so much easier to keep track of what I'm doing when I have a physical object to store my working memory in. It's so much more tactile and intuitive than clicking through a huge task list.

I get the half-size Moleskine notebooks with tear-out pages. Whenever I am done with a page, I transcribe important information into the Wiki and throw the page away, like garbage collecting my brain.

    Bean imparted these words:
    Corporate policy doesn't allow the use of synced notebooks, and the application won't let me create an offline one. So it has been inaccessible for a while. IT just shrugged their shoulders, said fuckifiknow, and moved on. I haven't found a workaround yet but haven't looked that hard either.

    For meetings, I was moving away from it already. Having my computer open in front of me is too much of a distraction. So most of the time I write in a physical notebook. I go through my notes later and move the pertinent ones to JIRA or Confluence so that they're available to everyone there.

    I still liked it for notes on research I was doing on my own and haven't found a good replacement for that, which is frustrating. I've been shoving everything into Word which really isn't the same.

    I guess it might be worth trying Evernote, but that was such a kludge that I haven't been inclined to try it again.

    Edited by Bean at 4/10/2019 2:49:01 PM