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I don't believe in that.....
By:  Ciaervo (Humour Impaired; 13951)
Posted on: 04-11-2019 17:31.
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I'll concede to what Sycraft said, below, about Assange's disposition.

But as for this, I don't believe in a "pro-chaos" ideology. Maybe I'm a little drunk and pedantic, but to me that word means having no goals or consistent drives, but construing your actions as effective and meaningful anyway. In that sense I don't think anyone except the truly insane can be "in favor" of chaos. What provocateurs and turd-stirrers alike do is at least rational, even if it promotes disorder.

On the other hand, life itself is chaotic in the sense that everything is subject to entropy. So we could characterize turd-stirrers as people determined to increase entropy somehow. But even that, I think, is not like being "in favor" of chaos.

If Assange were really a chaos czar his actions would not follow the neat pattern that they do, is I guess the crux of what I'm saying.