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The charge is conspiring to hack SIPRNet, essentially. Someone can correct me, but........
By:  Paul (Moderators; 65326)
Posted on: 04-12-2019 11:39.
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As I read the charge, Manning and Assange are alleged to have conspired to get the latter password access onto the system, though at some point Manning said he'd* given Assange all he could, and they're alleging Assange pressured him for more, saying "curious eyes never rest" or some shit.

The unit overseeing this investigation is the DOJ's "foreign affairs" unit functionally, and is being led by a Trump appointee who--after working for Pete Domenici etc--also apparently represented some significant Russian interests. A big bank and two oligarchs? Anyway. Hard to say what all this is, I read about this new push on harshness around registering as foreign agents lately.

*He was identifying male at the time, I don't know what to do about this one and not sound like a "ZOMG PC RUN AMOK" dick about it.



“A shutdown falls on the President’s lack of leadership. He can’t even control his own party and get people together in a room. A shutdown means the president is weak.” --DJT, 2013