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How do you mean?.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 20645)
Posted on: 04-12-2019 13:56.
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You mean what got him arrested in the UK? Skipping bail. Sweden issued a warrant for him, the UK arrested him, his fans bailed him out. He then fought extradition up to the UK High Court who said "This is a legit extradition request under EU treaties, you have to go." Instead he fled bail to the Ecuadorian embassy. So that's what they have him on and I think he's looking at like 5 years for that. It is a slam dunk case, there is no question at all that he intentionally fled bail.

In terms of what the US might want him for? Won't know for sure until they issue a formal extradition request but basically conspiracy. They allege, and there's some reasonable circumstantial evidence publicly known, that Assanage was not a neutral broker. He didn't receive a bunch of information from a source and decide to publish it, he worked with sources to get information and did so to further an agenda.