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nothing about the X series really entices me...pure personal taste........
By:  darth maynard (Moderators; 19875)
Posted on: 05-10-2019 10:24.
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..if the X series is what they are basing future iterations of phones upon, then I'm not really all that in love with it. Nothing against the product in and of itself.

I guess my taste runs into the fact that I like some of the older features. I still use an audio jack, I still like the Home button, I don't own any devices that allow for wireless charging.

Also, I just have no interest or need to be bleeding edge on phone tech. The 6+ was the most I've spent on a phone...ever. I find it harder to justify payments on phones that are $750-$1100 in range IMHO.


“The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same.”-Stendhal (Marie-Henri Beyle), novelist (23 Jan 1783-1842)