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I have a V40.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21376)
Posted on: 05-10-2019 23:47.
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So my thoughts on it.

The Good:

--Looks great.
--Feels nice in the hand, the size and the thickness are real good to where it is real easy to hold.
--Fast and responsive as hell.
--Works with T-Mobile's 600mhz service, which they are rolling out all over.
--Nice display. Not as good as the Samsungs, they have better OLEDs, but still a really good looking OLED.
--Excellent finger print reader. It reads fast and it is so natural to just touch the back of your phone to have it unlock.
--Has 3.5mm jack with a really, really good amp on it.
--Nice small notch that lets you see time and status info to the side of it.
--Standard USB-C plug that works with everything.
--SD card slot if you wish to have loads of media/apps/whatever on it.

The Bad:

--Slow ass Android updates. It is still on 8, despite being a flagship, and on the FEB security patch at that. LG can't into software updates, they take forever.
--The zoom camera is pretty "meh". On the back it has 3 cameras, one wide, one normal one zoom. The first two are good but the zoom one isn't really very good. Probably would generally get better results with normal camera and digital zoom.
--Only 64GB of internal flash. More than enough for me, but if you wanna store a ton of shit you'll need an SD card, whereas some of the other flagships have 128 or 256 in them.

All in all I'm real happy with it, though I would give the Pixel a hard look if I were doing things over. The Note 9 is also very nice, friend has one. Better screen than the V40 and bigger battery, but a little too chonky for my tastes.