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I'll counterpoint those, just from my own opinion/perspective obviously.....
By:  Paul (Moderators; 66289)
Posted on: 05-13-2019 07:08.
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...I don't think Jamie turned heel after a one-night stand, I think he genuinely still cares for Cersei, and thought his love for 'The Big Woman' would change that. It didn't, ultimately exposing him not as a heel, but a hopeless romantic who--in fairness--has a kid on the way.

As far as Dany... I think the actual turning point was "let it be fear, then." Her rejection from Jon was the ultimate last straw. I don't think she realized it upon seeing the Red Keep, or that it was the trigger (even though that's what they said in the after-show thing). She'd been lobbying for burning the whole motherfucker down for some time, and was only *just* talked out of it by Tyrion. I think her mind was made up already, and she suppressed it until she couldn't or didn't want to any longer.


“Don’t overplay. Don’t overplay. Less is more. It will always be: less is more. Nobody is ever going to remember all those fancy solos - even the guys that play them, most of them won’t remember - so play some licks that people can walk away humming, that people can identify with." --Steve Cropper