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Oh is that why Dell overcharges? :P.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 20675)
Posted on: 05-14-2019 19:15.
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Getting new VM servers, nothing fancy as we don't have any real heavy needs, mostly just a bunch of stuff that has to run on its own system because the software is garbage (like license servers). So I'd like to get SSDs since IO is always an issue with VMs on magnetic disks. Figure a few 2TB SSDs in RAID will work nice. Micron makes good enterprise SSDs the 5200s, in fact Dell often uses them. $350 roughly for a 1.92 medium-write drive (2 DWPD, 6PB endurance). From Dell? They use the lower end <1 DWPD... for $1200 each.

Fuck you Dell. I'd love to buy everything from you for ease of support, and I'd even pay more, but I'm not paying 4x the price. I'll buy aftermarket drives and you get the shaft.

Same deal with RAM too. Dell wants $700 for a 32GB DIMM. Crucial wants about $250.