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hey Paul!.....
By:  MarkMan (Mini-Admins; 5181)
Posted on: 06-07-2019 15:40.
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    Paul launched a war by saying:
    I'm newly transplanted from Maryland to New Mexico after getting laid off last year due to a corporate restructuring in our parent company. Best thing that could've happened, as my folks moved north to Santa Fe the same week I got laid off, and now we're near them. Severance made it an easier go, but there was some still some uncertainty... I start new work on 6/17 though, and we're having a home built here; builder shenanigans notwithstanding, we're scheduled to move in end of this month (probably won't happen as they tried to pull some shit today and got called out on it).

    How's the Crohn's?

    Edited by Paul at 6/7/2019 1:12:51 PM

Auth0 is awesome, almost like a lego set for making different authentication systems work together. You've probably logged in somewhere and saw our stock lock widget or something, our customer base is growing fast.

I hope New Mexico is treating you alright, congrats on the new house.

the Crohn's is doing alright, I've gotten pretty good at managing it these past few years. My last major flareup I had under control in a week flat and only spent 6 hours in the hospital getting topped up on fluids. I'm completely off the immune suppressors, I manage it by keeping my stress in check and CBD.