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I can relate to the burnout.....
By:  MarkMan (Mini-Admins; 5181)
Posted on: 06-07-2019 15:44.
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    darth maynard paid knowledgeworkers to transmit:
    ..honestly, kinda burnt out on it but I'm quickly approaching 19 years with my current employer and have roughly 11 to go to retirement. I can survive.

    Otherwise my son is heading into 3rd grade this fall. Time is flying.

I was at a company called Outerwall for about 5 years, they were the parent company of Redbox, Coinstar and EcoATM.

We were bought out and the new owners split the companies up, I spent the last year taking an axe to 4 years of integration i had done. I was just tired of it, started to almost hate my job. heh

Auth0 is exciting, it feels cutting edge and has me engaged!

oh wow - 3rd grade... my son will be 14 in september and my daughter turns 11 end of this month.
I didn't have kids when I first joined IHA. hehe