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Time flies when you are having fun.....
By:  MarkMan (Mini-Admins; 5181)
Posted on: 06-09-2019 10:39.
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    Sydwyndir had 1,000 monkeys type:
    I had, for a fleeting moment, a job as an analyst/author that was paying buckets of money.

    Well, okay, a bucket. One bucket. With more supposed to come but...well. Obviously not.

    But part of it was interviewing people and talking to them about IT stuff and writing articles that used their "war stories" as the framework.

    I talked to a couple of the guys here, actually.

It's funny, cause what I'm doing now is right in line with what I was doing when I first came to IHA, back then I was into encryption and writing an encryption layer over the MSN Messenger protocol. My job now is fully in my wheel house, a bit different I suppose, but a lot of the same technologies just repackaged to be easier to use.

It's good to be back and passionate again, I was worried I had lost that forever.

That Steve Jobs commencement speech at Stanford, when he said you can only connect the dots looking back - I can totally relate to that in my current position.