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wife bought me an enormous chef's knife........
By:  P. Briscoe (Non running-dog anti-imperial anti-Bush unapologist name-changer; 23832)
Posted on: 06-10-2019 08:31.
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This thing is a fucking sword compared to the regular 8" blade. At first I questioned the wisdom of getting such a big knife, but find that I am using the new 10" quite a bit because, well, it's still got the factory edge and it's super sharp--sharper than I can ever get my knives with the electric knife sharpener (Chef's Choice 3-stage) that I have. I can get them sharp, just not as sharp as when they're brand new or when I take them them to a professional.

Edited by P. Briscoe at 6/10/2019 8:35:32 AM