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This is pretty good.....
By:  Ciaervo (Humour Impaired; 13816)
Posted on: 06-10-2019 19:36.
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I'm about halfway through, but it's making me want to read the full report.

Mostly this is stuff we already know, but the clinical language is specifically meant to be used in future testimony..

    Rigidity. Rigidity is a common feature of a variety of mental health problems. We all have
    strengths and weaknesses, but it is the ability to recognize and adjust for them that allows most
    healthy individuals to adapt without forming rigid responses. Strong patterns of behavior,
    emotional reactions, or cognitive distortions can cause wooden or reflexive reactions to
    challenges and limit the flexibility and freedom an individual needs when making choices.
    Healthy individuals may react with less reflection or nuance than ordinarily available them, when
    they are exposed to an unusually severe degree of stress, but compromised individuals react this
    way most of the time, merely “doubling down” when challenged.
    This tendency can easily
    devolve into “attack mode” whenever under stress, causing the individual to act on the first
    emotional urge that surfaces, or to view the entire world as against them and thus must always be
    on the defensive, which can quickly turn into violence.