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Was trying to figure out what was available around you........
By:  JJJ (Moderators; 8102)
Posted on: 07-06-2019 22:47.
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I'm biased toward health systems due to integration. So, if you need a radiologist, or a neurologist, or whatever else, everyone can see everyone else's notes and they can confer more easily.

Then again, you might find service better at a private practice. Just be aware that if you need referrals to other specialties, that process might not be seamless.

If you have an academic practice nearby, that is not a bad option either. Those practitioners tend to have a bit more time for you than in private practice. Of course, that might also mean having to deal with trainees.

    Bean launched a war by saying:
    I wasn't necessarily looking for recommendations (though I'll take them if you have them) more criteria that should be considered.

    Right now, it seems like I could just randomly choose from a list and have as good a chance as any picking a good one. There are some reviews online, but I don't really believe that people understand what makes a good doctor and don't give them a lot of credit.

    Edited by Bean at 7/6/2019 3:29:15 PM