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Yelp is a terrible way to find a doctor......
By:  JJJ (Moderators; 8083)
Posted on: 07-06-2019 22:49.
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The only people who post are the ones who are really happy or really mad. And unlike other professions, doctors cannot respond to defend themselves due to privacy issues.

Honestly, I feel that way about most things on Yelp, although I use it as much as anyone else.

    Paul paid knowledgeworkers to transmit:
    Second review ever, the first one was for a restaurant near here we visited several years ago that was just terrible beyond belief. I deleted it when I left this last one. We were with that guy with two dogs and all manner of emergencies and routine stuff, the man is a saint.

    But of course one bad experience and people are generally gonna post their no context review, and that has to be true of doctors too. I’d love to know what J has to say in terms of criteria to consider myself, but with our health plan we are sort of not able to choose easily.