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I fear there is no going back after the election of this clown.....
By:  MarkMan (Mini-Admins; 5181)
Posted on: 07-11-2019 09:10.
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    Paul launched a war by saying:
    When does he finally pop and start drooling? This is some next level dementia, from the escalator date to the great-looking thing. All you need to trigger section 4 of the 25th in four tweets.

    If we’re able to reflect on this in the future, I wonder what that reckoning will look like. “We couldn’t have known he was *that* insane,” “we thought it was just rhetoric,” etc... those plainly won’t be usable excuses

If enough people accept this kind of dishonest leadership then I fear for our future.

It's a weird place to be, I can't point to our leadership as a good example for my own kids, and that is a sobering realization.