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Definitely explains the half-baked yet fantastical ideas and grandiosity .....
By:  Paul (Moderators; 67041)
Posted on: 08-01-2019 07:17.
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I still haven’t seen where the money was coming from to funnel *to* these great scientists. Not saying some conspiracy, but is he something like a bundler/angel investor but instead of pols/startups he’s into scientists or something?

I keep reading these things where nobody knows how he makes his money or what he does, just that he’s rich and “brilliant.”

Surely more indictments are coming, some of the statements from former folks seem like it. Interesting to see my man Lanier in there. The Dershowitz angle gets freakier by the day. Haven’t heard Bubba’s name much lately either.

Anyway, he was only walking around basically free because of the sweetheart deal by the former labor secretary to his former friend, the President. Probably this would’ve been no big deal six or so years ago for the Benghazi shriekers right?

Edited by Paul at 8/1/2019 8:44:31 AM


“Don’t overplay. Don’t overplay. Less is more. It will always be: less is more. Nobody is ever going to remember all those fancy solos - even the guys that play them, most of them won’t remember - so play some licks that people can walk away humming, that people can identify with." --Steve Cropper