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A lot is up in the air.....
By:  Citizen Z (OMG t3h bannz0red!; 16466)
Posted on: 08-07-2019 20:25.
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I'm at 3.5+ years in my current role, thinking about making a change, which may force a move from where I'm at in AZ or it may not. Currently renting but looking to buy in the next year, depending on how that first part turns out. Have a great girl that I'm making long term plans with, but timing depends on all of the above... a lot is up in the air. Life is pretty good though, tons of hiking, outdoorsiness, sports, socializing, gaming.

    darth maynard paid knowledgeworkers to transmit:
    myself, a lot actually.

    Prepping my son for 3rd grade this fall.

    House is getting it's windows replaced, some painting work done, and going to get an estimate on fence replacement.

    Recently did some debt consolidation and paid out an auto loan and a CC. Much more manageable payment situation now.

    Disneyland trip for the family this Oct is booked and planned.

    Usual stuff.

Lol, wut?