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I freak myself out thinking about it........
By:  Paul (Moderators; 67076)
Posted on: 08-08-2019 12:29.
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Then I go online and see that a third of Americans age 55 and *older* have nothing. Of the remaining group, the 56 to 61 year olds have less than $165k and the 65-74 demo has even less. I would probably have a panic attack, and I think the fear accounts for how angry those stats make me.

We are back to maxing Roth IRAs versus maxing out 401k pretax, I also have a pension plan with the state that is not optional and around a 9% contribution to me.

It still *never* seems like enough. My dad is fond of saying that you’re older for a lot longer than you’re younger, and I aim to be comfortable during that period. We have always put away 10% or more and I know many don’t have that luxury, but it has often been a real hardship to keep the savings going. Just can’t imagine nothing in the bank or tops 3-4 years.


“Don’t overplay. Don’t overplay. Less is more. It will always be: less is more. Nobody is ever going to remember all those fancy solos - even the guys that play them, most of them won’t remember - so play some licks that people can walk away humming, that people can identify with." --Steve Cropper