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I thought the interior was pretty nifty......
By:  pudds (Canadian; 16915)
Posted on: 08-09-2019 06:59.
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If I had to nitpick, I suppose I could say the seat material and perhaps a few other materials don't quite live up to the price tag, but I think that's forgivable given the technology in the thing.

He didn't really buy it as a sports car, he's really after the "fuel" economy - puts around 60,000km on a year, and he figures this thing will cost around $1.30 each way for his usual commute, vs the $5.00 it costs in his current hybrid. That's pretty substantial, though I don't know if it really justifies the cost.

It's also gonna hurt real bad the first time he has repairs to do - there's not a single official Tesla outfit in all of Manitoba, and the closest affiliated place is around 2 hrs away.