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By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 20830)
Posted on: 08-09-2019 13:20.
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Passports only take a long time because the government like to be slow. When it matters, and you pay, they can turn them around in a hurry. Same day if you are in a place with a passport office.

Really for guns what is needed is not more time for the check per se, but better reporting to the system. There's a federal database, the NCIC that is what they check against. So long as they are able to get a definitive match to you and it doesn't say you are prohibited, you can go ahead and buy. Seems reasonable, the problem is not enough shit that can make you prohibited gets reported, nor in a timely enough fashion. If reporting was good, I don't know that any delay would be needed.

I'm not opposed to a delay, if there's a good reason, however I have a feeling in reality all they'd do is sit on their thumbs for the given period and then do whatever check at the end.

But ya I trust Trump not at all to be a custodian of this. "Ok you can buy a gun so long as you are white, republican, and have publicly posted your worship of me. That'll keep the bad guys out."