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Similar deal for the Orioles.....
By:  MacHead (Greedy Capitalist; 14482)
Posted on: 08-13-2019 12:56.
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    pudds flipped a coin and posted:
    The Jays are looking up though: pitching is still too bad to make any kind of run at this point, but the kids look pretty damn good.

    Bo Bichette in particular looks like he could have been in the running for Rookie of the Year had he come up sooner - 15 extra base hits and a 10 game hit streak in his first 15 games. Third on the team (post trades) in total WAR already.

    I think the window starts next year if the team can find some pitching.

There is little wrong with the Orioles' offense. Alberto and Mancini are having career years. But they need pitching! There's is the worst in the majors.

MacHead- coming full circle
MACS RULE (especially Intel Macs)