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Everybody knows about Mississippi, god damn.....
By:  Ciaervo (Humour Impaired; 13928)
Posted on: 09-03-2019 13:43.
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TL;DR: A wedding venue canceled existing wedding plans on a biracial couple; an employee was filmed explaining that they did so "Because of our Christian race — I mean, our Christian belief"

Looking forward to reading Kevin D. Williamson explain why this demonstrates the liberal mob victimizing the feckless, persecuted Christian minority yet again.

    Mississippi passed a "religious freedom" law in 2016 allowing merchants and government employees to cite religious beliefs in denying services to same-sex couples. Many critics of the incident at Boone's Camp Event Hall noted that this law does not mention race.


    The Boone's Camp Event Hall Facebook page was briefly restored Sunday and an apology posted to it, apparently by the woman in the video.

    The post said, in part, “as a child growing up in Mississippi our racial boundaries that were unstated were that of staying with your own race."

    The writer continued: “My husband asked me to show him in the Bible where it was located as to the content concerning biracial relationships. I studied for a minute and began to think about the history of my learning this and where it came from.”

    The author of the Facebook post wrote that she spent Saturday and most of Sunday “searching,” and after a meeting with her pastor, “I have come to the conclusion my decision which was based on what I had thought was correct to be supported by the Bible was incorrect.”