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I think they take Twitter more seriously because they "lost the culture war" IRL.....
By:  Ciaervo (Humour Impaired; 13951)
Posted on: 10-07-2019 13:10.
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Conservative people think that Social Media is larger than life, that it's really really important to "fight back" there. If you look at how QAnon views social media, for example, they consider themselves to be participants in a "real war" that's entirely online.

But in general I think they perceive that society follows the internet, that if they can control social media (i.e. by posting memes and trolling libs) then they can get back the theocratic apartheid state they considered their birthright Plus, a lot of conservative boomers who don't really understand how the internet works make up a significant portion of the GOP voting base. These are people who, thirty years ago, warned their children off trusting strangers on the internet, but who now readily believe anonymous directives.

    darth maynard paid knowledgeworkers to transmit:
    ..on Twitter ALWAYS makes a condescending comment about my number of followers. As if by virtue of how many followers I have automatically makes me "right" or in their case..."not right".

    Stupidest virtual dick-measuring contest I've ever seen. Plus incredibly toxic mob mentality.

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