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The ACA leverages private insurers to fill in gaps in the marketplace......
By:  JJJ (Moderators; 8281)
Posted on: 11-04-2019 09:46.
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Medicare for All supposedly guarantees everyone government sponsored healthcare.

The ACA was supposed to be the "conservative" plan until Obama became its champion, where it then became the ultimate socialist + communist abomination, which the Republicans swore they would repeal until they rose to power, then just kidding.

From my perspective, Warren's Medicare for All would significantly cut reimbursements to the providers by capping reimbursement at 110% of current Medicare reimbursement. Usually, physicians rely on private insurers to subsidize their Medicare/Medicaid patients that they see at a loss. A lot of practices/hospitals would probably fold if this happened. California tried to do something like that recently and the bill died in committee.

    darth maynard flipped a coin and posted:
    what does MFA do by extending it to all US citizens that the ACA doesn't currently do?

    I just have a ton of questions, because as we all know access to care isn't the same as getting quality care, and insurance operates almost at MLM levels of ridiculousness I don't know what the magic mix is to "fix" health care in this country.