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How can you link to files on an SMB share from outside the local network?.....
By:  Ciaervo (Humour Impaired; 13951)
Posted on: 11-05-2019 06:59.
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As I alluded in my response to Glenn's post below, I am trying to figure out if there's a solution to my firm having all its project data in folders on a network share, which nominally makes them inaccessible from outside the LAN. As well, it prevents them from linking directly to project files, as the staff is not well-versed in how to handle and manipulate UNC paths.

In other words, the goal here is to allow staff to create hyperlinks to files stored on the network that they can use in emails, documents, Teams, etc., as if the files were stored in the cloud somewhere.

Back in the 2000's (and still with some browsers) you could open UNC links directly from the browser, but Chrome does not allow that any more and I'm loth to tell people to use IE instead.

I imagine this is something that could be accomplished with a web app running in IIS, but I'm not prepared to set that up myself, and I'd rather have a third-party product or something that doesn't require me to support it.