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Depends on mood/budget/where you're staying.....
By:  Robert_Wyatt (Gamers; 8706)
Posted on: 11-06-2019 14:57.
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I'll stick with downtown and adjacent:

Peche - French inspired, can be loud, great food and good cocktail list and whiskey variety. Usually start here on bar hop nights.

Kemuri Tatsu Ya - Japanese grilled food, really out there choices, some decent cocktails. I like the food here but it is pricey and more of a hang out spot than a dinner spot.

Wu Chow - Depending on when you go, has some of the best xiaolongbao in the USA. Dinner menu is great, can be kinda loud. Has some solid Chinese dishes that range from very authentic to competent fusion.

Fukumoto - Sushi with some Japanese dishes like whole baby river crab. Decently priced. Great food all around.

Barley Swine/Odd Duck - New American "high cuisine". If you're feeling adventurous. Pricey.

Uchi/Uchiko - Japanese and Sushi. One leans more heavily towards Japanese dishes over sushi and vice versa. Pricey. Voted best sushi restaurant in the country. It's good, but I'd go else where for sushi (Lucky Robot downtown, Tomodachi up by me)

Lonesome Dove - Expensive steak house but one of the best in town.

Juniper - Absolutely fantastic Italian

El Naranjo - Primarily traditional Oaxacan cuisine, not easy to come by in the US.

Barlata - Spanish tapas.

I'd toss it up between Juniper, Lonesome Dove, and El Naranjo if you want a good, large meal that is unique to the city.

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