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I think his problem is that he can't log into any of the console users on the Mac.........
By:  P. Briscoe (Non running-dog anti-imperial anti-Bush unapologist name-changer; 23691)
Posted on: 11-24-2019 14:19.
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because apparently they're both junked up with 30K screenshots on the desktop and god knows what else.

User reports that Finder immediately becomes unstable on login, and I assume that hangs everything else up as well.

So installing an app is out of the question until he can clean up the existing profile(s).

If I had access to this Mac, my laptop a Mojave boot stick, and a Thunderbolt cable I could probably make quick work of the job.

Find the correct profile. Move the 30,000 objects off of the desktop or delete them all together, then cp only relevant unique user data to the second drive. Figure out what apps have to be restored and which ones make no sense.

I'd use a boot usb stick to install Mojave after using Disk Utility to wipe and format. Then I'd copy the relevant data back to the new profile from the backup drive/other Mac.

Hell, if ssh was enabled I'm pretty sure we could then run pudd's script and get those screenshots squared away and that may be the only fix required.....

But it also may be that the OS is starved for resources--is the boot drive over 98% full? Are there a fuck-tonne of stupid processes that have been added to his Mom's Library/LaunchAgents?

The profile sounds totally jacked for sure. The rest of the OS may be jacked as well.