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Ok whiny post: I am more than a little stick of tipping culture.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21521)
Posted on: 11-26-2019 17:42.
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Like I get tipping wait staff. I don't agree with it, I think they should just be paid better and no tips, but I get it and understand in theory where it came from. You have some control over they payment for the service you get. Fine.

However it seems that tipping is now just becoming the defacto idea for any place that feeds you. Every counter service place has a tip line, or tip choices on their app and now even takeout is doing tipping. Order a pizza for pickup online? It asks you how much you want to tip.

This is getting fucking stupid. What is a "tip" even for if you are paying when you are picking something up, sight unseen? Likewise, why is it that food is so special that a tip is magically required? You don't tip at Target if you pick up something from the service desk.

Not only that, the percentage keeps creeping up. 15% used to be for good service, now 20% seems to be the minimum. At one of the places near campus that has you pay on a tablet app, the choices are 20%, 30%, 40% or other. 40%? Really? For counter service, paid before your receive you food? The "keeping up with inflation" argument doesn't hold water either, as food has gone up more than overall inflation.

I guess I'm just a cheap bastard, but this shit really annoys me. It annoys me that we don't just pay a living wage to people, but it annoys me that it seems to be suffering from scope creep and there is just this "Well food is involved so a tip should happen!" kind of expectation.