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I tip for service, and I don't feel bad for small or no tips when they shouldn't be required.....
By:  pudds (Canadian; 17355)
Posted on: 11-27-2019 08:00.
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At the coffee shop, I'll sometimes tip if I get a coffee, generally won't if I just get something like a danish.

I tip delivery drivers, but I don't tip on pickup orders.

I tip less than usual on buffets, because aside from offering drinks they aren't really serving.

And I never use the automatic x% options on machines, because I discovered a while ago that they are usually on top of the total, not the subtotal, and I've always understood it to be standard to tip before tax. 15% on top of the tax here is more like a 20% tip.

The absolute worst though as mentioned is asking for tips before service. I hate this the most because I'm always slightly aware that a bad tip could result in bad food. In all honestly, I tend to avoid these places once I'm aware of them.

Tipping is stupid and I hate it. I stick with what I think is fair and figure if someone was ever forward enough to ask why I tipped what I tipped, I'd have an answer I could confidently defend.

Edited by pudds at 11/27/2019 8:03:08 AM