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Interesting. FreeNAS's ability to host VMs and its docker capabilities tho........
By:  Paul (Moderators; 70259)
Posted on: 11-27-2019 16:43.
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...unless I'm misunderstanding, this is baremetal, typically with a x86 PC of some kind as your host, and I have to imagine anything you can Newegg at home is stouter than the Synology of comparable price.

Still. I *really* like my Synologys and the software and support of them are great; the embedded OS is really one of the best and they keep it updated constantly. Fast they ain't, but I wasn't ever really considering hosting VMs off them.

FreeNAS would be a neat way to repurpose my wife's old work-from-home workstation, which she no longer uses. It was spec'd to handle relatively beefy multimedia stuff in 2014 or so, and I have some extra drives so I may give this a shot over the winter.


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