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I wonder if it is a requirement to be shitty to be an ISP.....
By:  Sycraft (Administrators; 21521)
Posted on: 11-27-2019 23:02.
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At least to some extent because they all seem to fit that mold :P.

Cox actually isn't awful and has been my ISP for a long time, but they do have shitty features. Mainly they have a data cap of 1TB and they refuse to upgrade their analogue gear so they still have a 54mhz split meaning shit upstream. So from time to time I'll go looking at ISPs...

...and they are all fucks. Century Link are completely worthless. They just will not upgrade their infrastructure. They still want to sell me 3mbps DSL. They just flat out refuse to do anything about their ancient twisted pair network, as though they are going to get any customers. Still spend money on sending me marketing material all the time.

So maybe the fixed wireless ISPs would be good, you'd think. After all, they are small companies, trying to muscle in on the cable/telco market. Ya, no. They are shady as fuck. They pull this "We offer guaranteed bandwidth, call us for pricing and details!" shit on their website. The reason is that they offer crap speeds because they won't upgrade their equipment (like 5mbit max) and charge a lot. So rather than just admit they are expensive and really for people out in the boonies they try and play bullshit games like once I'm on the phone I'll somehow forget that 5mbps is less than 1gbit.

It's annoying how routinely shitty ISPs are. I keep thinking that maybe some day one of the other companies will wise up and try to steal business form the cable company but nope, they all suck so hard as to make the cable company look good :P.