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I've been wanting to try that one; how "glitchy" or unstable is it?.....
By:  Sydwyndir (Gun Toting Right-wing Goon; 8563)
Posted on: 12-02-2019 16:00.
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    Sycraft flipped a coin and posted:
    If you like exploration/building games man this is one to play. It is visually stunning, interesting, fun, etc. Just top notch.

I heard about one bad bug where if you built a sub to go to abyssal trenches to mine the most difficult resources it'd glitch out and you'd phase through the floor of your craft and get killed by the water pressure


Thank you, Gary Gygax.
I am not going to live in fear. They want my freedom, my peace of mind? Come and get it. - James Lileks, regarding al Qaeda, 09/11