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So...I went to CarMax at lunch just to see what my Optima would bring.....
By:  Glenn (Mini-Admins; 18581)
Posted on: 01-08-2020 11:25.
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I honestly expected bottom $$ for it. While I was waiting for the appraisal I walked around the lot just to see what they had. So low and behold I see a car just like mine, a '12 Kia Optima, same color and same options but with 124k on the clock (mine has 117k). They wanted $9,999 for it! I was shocked that they did offer fair market trade in for mine, $4,500. Damn that is SOME markup they have! No way I'd buy anything from them but I might sell them mine. Currently looking at a Stang in Virginia that might be worth a 1.5 hr drive.